Moving Twinkles from Exchange(s) to PERNUM Wallet

August 8, 2018

Important Notice: Former ECR20 Twinkle Token has been officially renamed to Moved Token. Trading symbol has been changed from TWNKL to MOVED.


'Moved' Tokens can be moved to PERNUM Wallet only via Public Wallet for which you should have the Private Keys.


Twinkles can be moved to PERNUM Wallet only via Public Wallet for which you should have the Private Keys.
This movement can be done in two Easy Steps:
(1) Move Twinkles from Exchange to Public Wallet
(2) Move Twinkles from Public Wallet to PERNUM Wallet


  • Make Sure that you have a Ethereum Public Wallet (MyEtherWallet, MetaMask or even your account at should be enough)

  • Make Sure that you have a PERNUM Wallet. (Steps below)

  • Make Sure that the two wallets are linked together at

How to create a PERNUM Wallet?

  1. Goto RainbowCurrency(RC) Website:

  2. Click on the "Login" button, beside the "Home" Button on the top right.

  3. As RC website is part of the SafeZone, the SafeZone Logo appears. Click on "I HAVE NO SAFEZONE PASS".

  4. Click "GET SAFEZONE PASS"  on the next page.

  5. You will see INVITED BY Page, Click NEXT.

  6. Fill the Form (Email Twice, Password Twice, two check boxes) and Click NEXT.

  7. You will receive your Lifetime Free PERNUM. Please save or write down your PerNum and Click NEXT.

  8. SET UP YOUR MASTER PIN: Create a 6 digit Master PIN. Please save or write down your Master Pin and Click NEXT. Your account at all Sites of SafeZone including RC, PERNUM etc. will be unlocked only by your PERNUM, Password and One Time Pin. One Time Pin is part of your Master PIN you just created. It will ask 3 random digits from your Master PIN.

  9. It will ask to test your One Time Pin asking for random digits. For Example: If it asks for - ENTER DIGITS #4 #2 #5 OF YOUR MASTER PIN, you need to enter 4th digit, 2nd digit and 5th digit of your MASTER PIN. If say, your MASTER PIN is 725804, then you need to enter 4th digit (8 in this case), then 2nd digit (2 in this case) and then 5th digit (0 in this case). So, your One Time Pin would be "820".

  10. It will ask to Login. You need to login using the PERNUM Generated in Step 7 above. Password that you entered in Step 6 above and Click LOG IN.

  11. It will ask for the ONE-TIME PIN. Similar Steps as we tested in Step 9 above. Please note, that the digits may differ this time. So, input correctly.

  12. Read the Terms and Privacy Policy and Click "I HAVE READ AND ACCEPT".

  13. You will land on the RainbowCurrency Website with Logged in. As it is Single Sign on at SafeZone, you are logged into all SafeZone Sites including

Link your PERNUM Wallet and Public Wallet:
If you do not have your Ethereum Public Wallet, also called as BlockChain Wallet, you can create at any one of the following:

  • (Please note the Private Key)

  • (Please note the Private Key and use at - Expalined in FAQ ->TwnklChain)

  • Simply install the MetaMask Extension.

In any of the steps, you will receive a Public Address, simply called as Address. It is of 42 Char and starts with "0x".
In Order to link your Public Wallet with PERNUM, you need to save this Address at
Steps mentioned here:

  1. Goto PERNUM Website:

  2. Click on the "Login" button, beside the "Home" Button on the top right.

  3. As PERNUM website is also part of the SafeZone, the SafeZone Logo appears. As you are already a member of SafeZone now, Click on "LOG IN".

  4. It will ask for ONE-TIME PIN as part of your Master PIN. This step already done above for RC. Similarly enter the three digits asked and click NEXT on the Number Pad.

  5. After Login, Click on the Wallet on the Left.

  6. Enter the BLOCKCHAIN WALLET ID (The 42 Char Wallet Address starting 0x, for which you have full access) and Click SAVE.

Your Wallets are now linked.

Now, Everything is set up. We can start the actual Transfer.
Transfer Twinkles & Ether from SouthXchange to Public Wallet:
Send about 0.005 Ether and as much Twinkles as Possible to your Public Wallet.

  1. Login to SouthXchange.

  2. Check all the Available Markets of TWNKL against BTC, DASH, USD, USNBT, LTC & BCH.

  3. If there is any Sell Order of TWNKLs at the Exchange, cancel all of your Orders in each Market.

  4. Click on Wallets at the Top and goto TWNKL Wallet.

  5. Make Sure that the status of the Wallet at the Center is "OK".

  6. Goto the Withdrawal Tab.

  7. Enter the Total Available TWNKL in the Amount Field.

  8. Copy your LINKED Public Wallet Address, which you have saved at and paste it in the Address Field.

  9. Click on Withdraw. You will get the Transaction Hash in the Transactions tab in sometime.

  10. After the Transaction is successful, you will have to move your Twinkles from your LINKED Public Wallet to PERNUM Wallet before TWNKLChain starts.

  11. Similarly, send Ether to the same Public Wallet by going to the ETH Wallet. Or you can also purchase Ether in the Shop above.

Finally, transfer Twinkles from Public Wallet to PERNUM Wallet:

  1. Make Sure you have enough Ether in your Public Wallet.

  2. Click on "Send Ether & Tokens" in MyEtherWallet

  3. Unlock your wallet using any of the Option Except the first View only option

  4. Make sure that the Account Address on the Left is the same as what you saved at

  5. Enter To Address: 0xf401fdFB0392734ACE83400903a028597Bdf80fB
    (Also Found at after Login).

  6. Amount to Send: Select MOVED (Earlier TWNKL) from dropdown

  7. Click on Send Entire Balance

  8. Set Gas Limit as 60000

  9. On the Top, Click on the Gas Price and move the Slider to match according to

  10. Click on Generate Transaction and then Send Transaction.

  11. You will automatically see your Twinkles in your PERNUM Wallet at RC. Allow up to 48 hours.


Your Twinkles will be migrated to the Private BlockChain - TWNKLChain once it starts on August 15, 2018.

You can purchase SOLR (Solario), CBMT (CashBackMarketing) and TEC (Twinkle Estate Coin) using Twinkles. And many more to come...

If you have any issues, feel free to contact us.


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